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[Image taken 18.9.21] Haxby Road, York. Wands - light segregation. The speed limit is 30mph despite there being a school here (Joseph Rowntree Other images near the school: # and links. Other images today: #17430 ... [more]

[Image taken 20.9.21] West Esplanade, York. People fishing and a white van on the cycle-ped-wheelchair route alongside the river. I've seen this combination closer closer to Clifton Bridge, York. I don't know if the people fishing are anyth ... [more]

[Image taken 20.9.21] Esplanade car park, York. Original image (explanation) see: #173232. The metal bollards were blocking a car parking space again today. 1. I’m at a loss to understand: a) why these items are not being stored securely ... [more]

[Image taken 20.9.21] Butcher Terrace end of the Millennium Bridge, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location] New sign at Point 1 of the Orbital route ( providing the direction of ... [more]

[Image taken 20.9.21] Coop, The Stonebow junction with Colliergate, York. Unusable cycle parking at a commercial - shopping! - newbuild. 60cm between supports and no space between the rack and the railings - total depth 74cm. Who does the f ... [more]

[Image taken 20.9.21] Coop, The Stonebow junction with Colliergate, York. New outlet (replaced a Heron in the previous building) and new (but reduced) cycle parking. (View of Stonebow from June 2016: ... [more]

[Image taken 20.9.21] Butcher Terrace end of the Millennium Bridge, York. Rose, a York resident, with stills film crew. The project is the extra and filmed for the City of York Council Active Travel campaign. Other images today: #174329, #1 ... [more]

Cycleway to Caen station

Roadworks in Caen, with temporary crossings in yellow.

Deviation for cyclists during roadworks - but in fact there's a route to the left as well.

Roadworks in Caen, with original crossings in white paint and temporary ones in yellow.

Temporary cycleway during roadworks

Well-signed deviation for cyclists during roadworks

Temporary pedestrian and cycle crossing during roadworks.

Roadworks in Caen, with original crossings in white paint and temporary ones in yellow.

The riverside route south from Caen briefly uses this stretch of road.

[Image taken 18.9.21] B&Q, Hurricane Way, Clifton Moor/Rawcliffe, York. The location people secure their cycles to out of necessity, are close to the trolleys (they use the trolley bay railings) and to the entrance to and exit from the out ... [more]

[Image taken 18.9.21] B&Q, Hurricane Way, Clifton Moor/Rawcliffe, York. In the absence of cycle parking (the long-standing/default situation here) customers used the trolley bay railings. But the flyparked cycles protrude into the bay and ... [more]

[Image taken 18.9.21] B&Q, Hurricane Way, Clifton Moor/Rawcliffe, York. Anyone walking/wheelchairing/scooting/balance biking from the pavements that link this area towards the entrance to the outlet (ie towards the camera) will have their b ... [more]

[Image taken 18.9.21] KFC, Clifton Moor retail park, York. The two Sheffields (racks) are close to the restaurant entrance - good practice. See also: #174311, #174312. Other images today: #174305 and links.

[Image taken 18.9.21] KFC, Clifton Moor retail park, York. Two Sheffields (racks) at this drive-thru. That's four spaces. Is this the provision for staff as well as customers? And are there delivery cyclists? As this is a retail park I beli ... [more]

[Image taken 18.9.21] KFC, Clifton Moor retail park, York. Approach to the drive-thru. Cycle parking visible ahead see: #174312, #174313. Other images today: #174305 and links.

[Image taken 18.9.21] Burger King, Clifton Moor retail park, York. This drive-thru burned down on 9.7.21 ( Where did the cycle parking (toastrac ... [more]

[Image taken 18.9.21] Rawcliffe Park and Ride, Rawcliffe, York. Good practice: this sign includes cycle parking. See also: #174308 and links.

[Image taken 18.9.21] Rawcliffe Park and Ride, Rawcliffe, York. Good practice: this sign includes cycle parking. The clear listing (see also: #174309) shows there is provision here see: #174307. Other images here today: #174305 and links.

[Image taken 18.9.21] Rawcliffe Park and Ride, Rawcliffe, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location] Sheffields (cycle racks) and cycle lockers. Good practice. Other images here today see: #174305 and links

[Image taken 18.9.21] Rawcliffe Park and Ride, Rawcliffe, York. I used my phone to show the depth of the drop. The drop-off is 7.5cm. A nasty shock for someone on a cycle plus it could cause damage. The problem is not visible from the appro ... [more]

[Image taken 18.9.21] Rawcliffe Park and Ride, Rawcliffe, York. Damaged speed humps. They harbour an invisible (from this side) hazard for cyclists see: #174306. Other images today see: #174307, #174308, #174309, #174310, #174311, #174312, ... [more]

love parking with my fellow compact cars

This barrier is on an important link over the railway in Kendal, because it links the housing estates of Hallgarth and Briarigg. When I was a district councillor I asked officers to remove it, because it's discriminatory to users of mobilit ... [more]

A parking bay painted across a dropped kerb, and duly parked in, obstructing pedestrian access across the road. Not the first time I've seen a parking or loading bay across a dropped kerb (see also #48651).

A van driver parked in the protected cycle lane and on the footway, while pedestrians try to get by.

The odd narrow footway arrangement under the Castlebank Street railway bridge approaching NCN7. There is a dropped kerb to join the path immediately after the bridge (see #173856), while the rest of the road is just a dead-end alongside NCN ... [more]

The start of the Benalder Street cycle track at the Castle Street junction. There is a high kerb across the other end (see #174295).

Still no raised crossing or dropped kerb to join the Benalder Street cycle track, which otherwise appears nearly complete, apart from the lamppost.

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[Image taken 31.8.21] Esplanade car park, Memorial Gardens (Leeman Road), York. Adult cycle locked to the railings on the riverside edge of the Gardens. The motorcycle spaces are visible in the midground. There’s car parking behind the ca ... [more]

[Image taken 13.7.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] Context see: #171941.

[Image taken 12.9.21] B&Q, Hurricane Way, Clifton Moor/Rawcliffe, York. The front of this B&Q outlet has had a makeover see: #174070. The disabled car parking remains. It's easy to find (it's on the right as you enter the B&Q retail park), ... [more]

[Image taken: 14.9.21 ] LNER Azuma 10.02 from York to London King's Cross. The person who loaded the crates was still there when the cyclist with a cycle reservation arrived. The crate loader moved the crates to accommodate the cycle. The p ... [more]

Hatching on Station Road warning of potential dooring. Example of where this is not done:

[Image taken: 16.9.21] Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland.] NOTE: No streetview at this location. Position approximate.] Cycling is permitted on the castle walls. As is walking. But as there are two rings - pedestrians tend to use the short ... [more]

[Image taken: 16.9.21 ] A1087, Edinburgh Road, Dunbar just beyond the entrance to the Belhaven Bay Caravan and Camping Park. Do not pass cyclists at central islands sign. Good practice sign. Related image: #174291. Other images today: #1742 ... [more]

[Image taken 3.9.21] TransPennine Express (TPE) service York-Dewsbury. [No Streetview at York rail station.] The cycle carriage on this train design is directly discriminatory. The 'provision' is now hooks in a cupboard. I am female. I was ... [more]

[Image taken 16.9.21 ]. A1087, Edinburgh Road, West Barns, Dunbar. [NOTE: Streetview location is approximate] Not sure how this works or if it works. Do drivers slow down and not try to pass people cycling? And/or does it give cyclists the ... [more]

[Image taken: 16.9.21 ] Paxton Road, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland. A sign I'd like to see more often: in areas that mean it. This is on NCN1, the Coast and Castles route ... [more]

The junction where it is proposed to close NCN7 during the COP26 conference and divert users around the streets of Yorkhill, Finnieston and Anderston. The carriageway of the road is accessed via the dropped kerb before the bridge, and the f ... [more]

The Old Dumbarton Road into Ferry Road cycle track is still under construction, and there is no temporary kerb ramp to aid joining the carriageway. There is also a drainage gully oddly in the middle of the westbound cycle lane.

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  • Icon 174304 No pavement
  • Icon 174303 Take some grass verge and widen the road to make it .
  • Icon 174302 Too many people just use this as a through way to get to other parts of Hanover. It’s a one-way street with cars either side, so reduced visibility when crossing, and people go up the road incredibly quickly. It’s also possible for people to cycle in the opposite direction, which is great, but often does not feel safe as there are no road markings to block that space out
  • Icon 174278 Road has been closed and the Covid closure rules required it be closed to all traffic including bikes. This will be in force until Feb 2022. After that we hope for a better approach.
  • Icon 174248 Remove the pop up lane that not used and make exiting driveways safer.
  • Icon 174246 A cycle/footpath from here to Mosshayne Lane, Westclyst (bridge over the M5) would provide an amazing, off road cycle route between Broadclyst, Westclyst and Pinhoe/Exeter city beyond.
  • Icon 174245 This shared cycle path between Westclyst and Broadclyst is totally unacceptable and dangerous, especially for young children with cars flying past on the B3181. Another option is needed that does not run alongside this road but connects up the amentities and schools of Broadclyst (Clyst Vale in particular), Westclyst and Pinhoe/Exeter beyond.
  • Icon 174244 The cycle path that has been promised as part of the Bloor homes, Westclyst development needs to be put in and link up to Langaton Lane for easy access to Pinhoe Station & the Pinhoe cycle path network into the City centre.
  • Icon 174198 New traffic signals have narrowed the useable footway, and also made it more dangerous for pedestrians.
  • Icon 174197 Keep Monkton Hill closed to vehicles, and don't reopen it to help ease traffic congestion.
  • Icon 174196 Bushey Arches is few yards away from Cockram Road, yet there is no footpath or cycle path access. There is sufficient space adjacent to Cockram Road to create a footpath/cycle path. The space is owned by Network Rail. There are derelict sheds under Bushey arches bridge (in Network Rail premises) that can give way for a foot path. Would be much appreciated if council could coordinate with Network Rail and put this piece of land to a good use.
  • Icon 174189 We need a separate cycle lane between Wargrave and Twyford (Piggott School) the pathway is a shared footpath/cycle way which with some many school children walking is pushing the cyclist onto the road. It’s so dangerous as cars speed sling that road.

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